Affiliate Program

The changing diner demands, and the accompanying new technologies bring extreme growth in the field of the restaurant industry. 

Restaurants are engaging with their customers digitally through digital apps or third-party service is your restaurant ready?

Less and fewer people are cooking nowadays, but they are not dining out the traditional way. Pick Up Eats, understands this and wants to help restaurants adopt services that meet the times. We created a two part solution to help restaurants engage with their customers and retain them.

We identified a huge upside to the food planning service so our software will allow your customers to order food from our app or website up to seven days in advance. The beauty of this program is that we expand the possibilities. If you are a healthy eater we have you covered, you are Kosher we have you cover just select your food type place your order and it will be waiting for you at the time you specified.

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Restaurants Benefits

We will change the way you do business without you having to spend a fortune in set up fee’s and adopting expensive third-party services that require restaurants to pay large commission fees. We will set your own online order system on your website and Facebook business page. Today 65% of online orders originate on a smart. In addition we will list your restaurant on our proprietary food ordering dining app 20Eats. Our software currently powers over 1500 restaurants in the USA and over 5000 worldwide so we know it will work for you.

Chose how you what services you want to offer our app users.

We offer the “now” feature which means client is placing an order and expects it in 20 minutes or less.

We also have the “advance” feature this allows customers to place orders in advance for same day service.

Try our “Later” option that allows orders to be placed up to 7 days in advance, this becomes a  “meal plan” service. Get your restaurant listed with a company that cares about your business.

Let us integrate your facebook page with your order app

Online food ordering from your FB page will get you more traffic. Your customers will love the option and when they hear that you never navigate away from FB they will love you more. 200 million Facebook users registered in the United States are you reaching users where they are?

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Customer Benefits

Receive and confirm orders from your smartphone or tablet

Get all your restaurant’s online orders in one place with the order taking app.
When an order is placed it will notify your tablet or smartphone so that orders can be confirmed and executed.


After placing an order, your client will be notified within 3 minutes,
just enough time for you to confirm the pickup or delivery.
Your customers will not have to deal with busy phone lines or misheard orders.
Just you, your clients and a clean & intuitive interface that serves both parties.